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9.00am-10.00am ‘Ross McKenzie Scholarship Program’-Mr. Peter Baker MC-Australian Sheep Breeders’ Association

10.00am-11.00am ‘Young Voices from the Land’ forum-Mr. Bill Lewis, Chair

11am-12noon ‘Attracting Youth into Agriculture’ seminar-Prof. Tim Reeves, University of Melbourne, Chair

12.30pm-1.00pm Future Drought Fund’s Networks to Build Drought Resilience–Ms. Kristy Shay, Foundation for Rural & Regional Renewal (FRRR)

1.00pm-1.30pm Succession Planning talk-Robertson Hyatt Lawyers

1.30pm-2.00pm ‘Rethinking Innovation: Risks and Challenges of Not Adapting’ Mr Nick Bradley, Farmbot Monitoring Solutions

2.00pm-3.00pm ‘Young Voices from the Land’ forum-Mr. Bill Lewis, Chair

3.00pm-3.30pm ‘Characteristics of a Digital Ag MarketPlace-AuctionsPlus Sheep and Lamb Outlook’ Mr. Tim McRae Chief-Market Analyst AuctionsPlus.

3.30pm-4.00pm Farm Safety Talk VFF Farm Safety Officer Victorian Farmers’ Federation

4.00pm-4.30pm LX Technology Group speaker



9am-10am ‘Characteristics of a Digital Ag MarketPlace-AuctionsPlus Sheep and Lamb Outlook’ Mr. Tim McRae Chief-Market Analyst AuctionsPlus.

10am-11am ‘Update on Red Meat Industry Issues’ Mr. Jason Strong, Managing Director Meat and Livestock Australia

11am-12noon ‘Young Voices from the Land’ forum-Mr. Bill Lewis, Chair

1.30pm-2.00pm Farmbot demo: How real-time alerts and reports will improve your water run



Are you keen to get into Ag or fascinated by Australian AgTech or both?

Then the Australian Sheep & Wool Show's Career and Technology Hub is your kind of place.

Highlighting pathways to exciting careers in agriculture, veterinary science, agribusiness and ag skills training while showcasing cutting-edge ag technologies is a focus of Sheep Show 2021.

New seminars, forums and agricultural education and skills training information sites are the must-see opportunities for people seeking to join our thriving primary industry sector.

'Jobs, jobs, jobs' is this year's theme. And the talent is certainly out there.

One Australian university's recent B.Agr.Sc. degree course intake jumped by 50% on the previous year and 55% applying for entrance were not from an agricultural or rural background.

The major reason given for students selecting the course was their search for a sustainable future.

With world food production required to double present production rates to meet the demands of the predicted 9.8 billion world population by 2050, the hunt is on for the farmers, scientists and agribusiness champions of the future.

We need you.

An exciting new seminar 'Attracting Youth into Agriculture', the Career and Technology Hub's popular 'Young Voices from the Land' forums and the Ross McKenzie scholarship program are aimed at encouraging high school students, their parents and teachers to consider training and careers in a wide diversity of agribusinesses.

Universities, agricultural colleges, high schools and TAFE providers of agricultural education and skills training in Southern Australia will have information sites promoting their courses and scholarships.

Exciting state of the art new digital agricultural technologies including a data farm, Internet of Things (IoT), state of the art watering monitoring systems and electronic livestock identification innovations will be demonstrated and discussed throughout the Sheep Show.

Sponsors Agriculture Victoria, peak bodies Meat & Livestock Australia (MLA) and Australian Wool Innovation (AWI), plus Gallagher Pty. Ltd. and other leading ag innovation companies are sponsoring information sites and seminars throughout the show.

If you are interested in a sustainable future, intrigued by Ag. Tech. and keen to use your talents for growing Australia's food and fibre sector then make your way to the Careers and Technology Hub and other information sites at the forthcoming Sheep & Wool Show 2021 on 16-18 July 2021.







Children under 14 years are FREE

Tour groups of 20 or more - $15.00 per head (Not available online. Group ticketing can be purchased via email to or on arrival at the entry gate.)

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July 15th-17th 2022

Prince of Wales Showground, 42-72 Holmes Rd, Bendigo, Victoria

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