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Q 1. Who is the primary person responsible for your safety onsite?
Me  WorkSafe Victoria  Nobody 
Q 2. Do all chemicals and hazardous substances used or stored on site require a Material Safety Data Sheet?
Yes  No  Maybe 
Q 3. Do all electrical appliances and leads require tag and testing?
Yes  No 
Q 4. Must you report all injuries, incidents or near misses?
Yes, you must report all incidents, injuries and near misses to the ASBA 
Only the serious ones 
Q 5. In the event of an emergency what should you do?
Ensure that the emergency services are contacted 
Assist persons away from hazardous area if safe to do so 
Remain calm and assist where possible 
Obey instructions from emergency services, safety wardens, security, first aiders, and management 
All of the above 
Q 6. When should you operate a vehicle or machine whilst onsite?
Only when properly trained and where required hold a certification or qualification to operate the vehicle or machinery 
Any time 
Q 7. Are you permitted to work under the influence of alcohol or illegal drugs?
No  Yes 
Q 8. Are you required to wear high visibility clothing during bump-in / bump-out?
No  Yes  Only if safety officers are around 
Q 9. Are all staff, contractors, and stakeholders required to complete a safety induction for this site?
No  Yes 
Q 10. When driving onsite, what precautions should be taken to prevent an incident?
Beware of pedestrians, plant, livestock, and other vehicles 
Never block roads or access doors onsite 
Secure loads, and observe the speed limits onsite. Note: Walking pace or less than10kph for forklifts trucks. 
All of the above 
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Children under 14 years are FREE

Tour groups of 20 or more - $15.00 per head (Not available online. Group ticketing can be purchased via email to [email protected] or on arrival at the entry gate.)

July 16th-18th 2021

Prince of Wales Showground, 42-72 Holmes Rd, Bendigo, Victoria

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